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Founder of Courageous Conversations,

Coach, Facilitator and Speaker dedicated to helping leaders and individuals have better conversations.

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A little bit about me

I’m known for helping leaders and teams build their capacity for courage, candor, vulnerability, trust and authenticity in the workplace. 


As a former HR Professional in a fast-paced start-up workplace, I developed a unique feedback framework that led to me contributing to Brene Brown’s book, Dare To Lead. Jump to page 205 if you want to check it out yourself.


Today I work as a professional leadership coach, speaker, and certified Dare To Lead facilitator. 


Using my coaching credentials and over 15 years of corporate experience, I show organizations and leaders there is a different way to lead, one that fosters improved business outcomes and better communication. 

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Let's see how we can work together

Talking, Sharing & Learning
Courageous Conversations Workshop
Dare To Lead™


"We cannot thank Natalie enough for facilitating such an honest and vulnerable training session for our team! Recognizing the skill set of our clinicians, Natalie found innovative ways to flesh out our existing  acknowledge while imparting so much new wisdom on what it means to partake in courageous conversations.


As a facilitator, Natalie was warm, relatable, and charismatic. Her ability to offer up personal examples from her own life allowed us to engage with the information and reflect on the ways that these skills will serve us in both our personal and professional roles.


The Courageous Conversations workshop exceeded our expectations in every way. The structure and delivery of the program allowed for active participation and thoughtful team dialogue. Whether you’re a mental health professional, involved in human relations, or a budding entrepreneur, we highly recommend investing in this course."

~Dajana Beckman, Founder - Exhale Therapy

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