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Today organizations are looking to bring engaging and educational personal and professional development to their employees, clients and event attendees . Webinars with Natalie Dumond accomplish just that. With each webinar presentation focuses on guiding participants to become more selfaware, open and courageous within themselves and others by educating participants with new and powerful insights that they can apply to their lives instantly. Check out the webinars below and select the right webinar for your team.

Who these webinars serve?

Individuals who are looking to level up their skills in communication and confidence in hard conversations Individuals who are looking to gain skills and insights in how to build confidence within themselves Teams or organizations curious about where leadership is heading and how they can align their leaders to the new direction Individuals who want confidence in owning their story and feel more grounded in who they are. Teams that want to tap into the power of vulnerability, creating more connection, self awareness and resilience

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Webinar: How to feel more Empowered in the Workplace

Let's face it working and interacting with other individuals and building relationships in the workplace takes self awareness, vulnerability, empathy by ability to truly see another person for all their strengths and challenges Each individuals have their own experiences, insecurities, opinions, knowledge and biases, and as a result they can bring this unawareness into working relationships making them feel less empowered, connected and confident in their relationships. This webinar will explore how individuals are showing up in the workplace unconsciously through the stories we stand in about ourselves and our co-workers and how we can choose a more empowered story and dynamic. This webinar will inspire a deeper sense of self-awareness as well provide a framework to help build a more empowered relationship with themselves and others in the workplace

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Webinar: Courageous Leadership-
Where Leadership Headed and Why

Leaders are being called to lead in a brave new way to help build more courageous cultures. Cultures that cultivate, innovation, risk-taking, honest and open conversations, trust-building, and resiliency. During this webinar, participants will come to understand how courageous leadership is not only high in demand but can be taught, measured, and observed. This presentation will touch on progressive research from Dr. Bréné Brown and how to incorporate the new insights, tools, and confidence in participants' experiences in all aspects of their lives. This talk will share the power vulnerability plays in impactful leadership, what it looks like when done well, and how it strengthens teams and builds greater connection.

"When Brene Brown writes about you in 'Dare to Lead,' you know you're dealing with someone special. However, even after having those lofty expectations, Natalie exceeded them. She recently spoke to our executive leadership team and was amazing! Her speech on the 'Drama Triangle' was so timely and hit home with our group. Natalie is an outstanding speaker and inspirator! I highly recommend Natalie Dumond!!" ~ Tim Dumas


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Webinar: The Confidence Roadmap - Building confidence in six practical and impactful ways

One of the most sought after experiences in life and in the workplace is to feel and act more confident. this webinar shares how confidence is created within individuals and the six areas they can practice that will create more confidence in their everyday lives and in their workplace. It takes the mystery out of creating confidences and puts more practically into the experience. Let go of the notion 'fake it till you make it' Let's actually make it.

Webinar: Courageous Conversations - Showing how we can be clear and kind in any conversation

Today meaningful, impactful and courageous conversations within our teams and across organizations are needed now more than ever. Leaders, HR professionals and CEO's ask - what if everyone on our teams and throughout the organization could have meaningful, direct, clear and honest conversations? Would it create more openness and accountability towards performance, team dynamics, diversity and inclusion, and decision making? Would it create more confidence, ultimately leading to more self awareness and growth. In this presentation we'll look at why do we avoid real conversations at work. What happens to a company and a team when we have ineffective communication. And most importantly what is the keys to being skilled at communication and how to apply the cornerstones of any great conversation vulnerability and curiosity and self accountability to master any conversation.


About the Facilitator

Whether Natalie is empowering you pursue the life and dreams you are meant to be living or showing organizations and leaders that there is a different way to lead, she brings enthusiasm, boldness, and kindness with her every time. As a professional leadership coach, facilitator , speaker , and contributor to Brene Brown's latest book Dare to Lead™ she works with leaders and teams to help build their capacity for courage, candor , vulnerability, t rust and authenticity in the workplace. Natalie has over 15 years of experience in human resources, organizational development and employee and leader coaching in fast -paced scale-ups in the technology and manufacturing industries. Along with coaching credent ials through the Coaching Training Institute and the International Coaching Federation, she holds a BA (Hons) in sociology, a degree in Human Resources Management and a certification as a facilitator in Dare to Lead™ and has been trained personally by Dr . Brene Brown.

What Clients Say

I always come away feeling reinvigorated and inspired. Thank you for another great workshop! Can't wait for the next one!"

~ Karla Benson

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An empowering worshop designed to unravel the intricacies of confidence, providing you with the tools to cultivate an authentic, unshakeable sense of self.

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