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Group Lecture

Courageous Conversations

The Essential Workshop For Companies Who Want A Culture Where People Are Clear and Kind At the Exact Same Time

Calling all companies who crave an organization
or team where honest conversations are the norm...
Imagine a work environment where everyone would have...
  • An easy-to-use framework to lean on when engaging in difficult conversations (because they had opportunities to practice using it through potential or real-life scenarios)

  • A productive way to give and receive feedback (and know how to couple it with meaningful praise)

  • Strategies to handle emotions that may crop up during professional conversations (without getting awkward or trying to downplay the issue)

  • A sense of how they could be a better leader or teammate (and the belief they’re contributing to a safe, positive work environment)

  • The respect to talk to each other directly (rather than walking around feeling annoyed and thinking, “I should have said this….”)

Courageous Conversations happen

When individuals are able to be candid with their peers and leaders, they’re better able to collaborate, be part of stronger functioning teams, and feel more content both inside and outside of the workplace.

When people feel safe enough to candidly express their feelings by being clear, direct and kind at the exact same time.

When the result of all that candor are employees that can fully contribute to the company–as they can give and receive feedback that can be implemented quickly, and shift their focus back to matters related to your organization’s bottom line.

If you’re part of an organization that wants to develop teams and individuals into a high-functioning culture of collaboration, trust and clarity, then your team needs to learn to talk to each other.

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Courageous Conversations
two-day corporate workshop showing people how to be clear and kind at the exact same time.
Friendly Conversation
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How does Courageous Conversations work, exactly?

Each company’s experience during the workshop will differ slightly based on the unique needs of your people.

That said, at first it may feel similar to riding a rollercoaster–the anticipation and a bit of fear as individuals get clarity of what’s coming, and then the confidence and courage of realizing they can handle what’s in front of them.

Here’s a peek of the three stages
we’ll work through together over our two workshop days...

Discover the role vulnerability, empathy and shame play in honest conversations. This is a time for self-reflection because being a better leader at work (and in life) means knowing the only thing within your control is how you show-up.


Learn concrete tools and strategies to lean on so you have the confidence to effectively have courageous conversations. People will walk away knowing how to better deal with emotions, how to find win-win solutions, and how to give feedback (and receive) without wrecking havoc on relationships.


One of the trickiest parts of implementing a practice of honest conversations is building the courage to make them a habit. That’s why each workshop includes multiple opportunities to put new skills into practice through role-playing and discussions. In addition, four weeks following the workshop, we’ll meet for a 90-minute Zoom support call where attendees can ask follow-up questions, and we’ll practice more examples to help deepen the learning.

Here’s what else is waiting for you inside
Courageous Conversations
Each participant will receive:
  • Two days of meaningful, practical learning on what it takes to communicate better, including frameworks to use during difficult conversations

  • Real-life examples and role playing opportunities to start applying new communication skills right away, with on-the-spot laser coaching from Natalie

  • An accountability workbook to use over the two-day workshop, to help consolidate the lessons

  • An 8-week action guide to challenge and support them their new habits, and integrate the learnings into their everyday lives

  • A bonus 90-minute Zoom call, four weeks following the workshop, to get clarity, encouragement and more practice communicating better in the workplace

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Ready to find out what’s possible
when you have a work culture that embraces real talk?
Looking for a few
Courageous Conversation
success stories you can relate too?

The results speak for themselves...

“Natalie delivers very powerful and important content in a way that is highly relatable and geared to the group. She draws from her personal experience and also a depth of resources and research to pull together a workshop that radically changed our perspectives in a very short time. We left the workshop with a shifted perspective and some very simple and practical tools that we will undoubtedly bring to our professional and personal lives every day.“

Principal & Founder, Artemis Canada

Kristina McDougall

Is Courageous Conversations the key to unlock
better communication in your workplace?
Review 9 signs that signal YES, your team is ready...
  • Your managers and leaders dread giving feedback. They’re uncomfortable dealing with emotions during professional conversations.

  • Individuals are feeling underappreciated and you suspect it’s because their contributions aren’t being acknowledged.

  • People are fearful of saying the wrong thing and unconsciously using trigger words that hurt work relationships.

  • Right now, it feels like there are a lot of side conversations happening as many uncomfortable situations are being ignored.

  • You accept there are gaps in your organizations communication style and you want to do better.

  • You’re open to trying a new model of leading discussions and communicating at work (and at home too).

  • Individuals are easily triggered by feedback and struggle to receive it unable to see the growth potential.

  • There’s an epidemic of nice and polite in your workplace where individuals are afraid to say what needs to be said.

  • Leaders and individuals on the team avoid sharing feedback out of the concern for starting a conflict.

Courageous Conversations are essential for workplaces looking to transform their teams.
Who’s the facilitator and coach behind Courageous Conversations?
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Hi, I’m Natalie.

I’m known for helping leaders and teams build their capacity for courage, candor, vulnerability, trust and authenticity in the workplace.

As a former HR Professional in a fast-paced start-up workplace, I developed a unique feedback framework that led to me contributing to Brene Brown’s NY Times best-selling book, Dare To Lead. Read by millions worldwide, jump to page 205 if you want to check it out yourself.

Today I work as a professional leadership coach, speaker, and certified Dare To Lead facilitator.

Using my coaching credentials and over 15 years of corporate experience, I show organizations and leaders there is a different way to lead, one that fosters improved business outcomes and better communication.

Bold Conversations, Embraced by Incredible Clients.
International Coaching Federal Certification
Dare to Lead Facilitators Certification
Certified Leadership Coach
Featured in Brene Brown's Bestselling Book Dare to lead
Dare to Lead Facilitators Certification

Here’s what a few previous workshop attendees
had to say about my training style...

Who’s the facilitator behind Courageous Conversations?
“Natalie is an engaging, empowering and empathetic facilitator and leader.“
“Her ability to engage our leadership team virtually, and inspire us to unlock the potential we all have to be courageous leaders was so well facilitated. I highly recommend Natalie.“

Executive Director, Victoria Hospital Foundations

Avery Brohman

“Natalie will teach you, challenge you and reward you with her amazing sense of humor.“
“This workshop is an amazing opportunity to reflect personally, as well as drive insight into your respective organizations. I highly recommend everyone to attend!“

SVP People Operations, Kik

Jody Stecho

“Natalie’s humble demeanor and use of real-life examples made me feel comfortable to open up.“
“Natalie's approach helped me to feel deeply connected to the topic. Lots of great tips to add to my leadership toolbox. Thank you Natalie!“

Strategic Alignment & Communications Supervisor, Farm Mutual Re

Krista Seiling

Got questions? Read through the FAQS right here.
    This is my favourite question, so thanks for asking! Every single employee in your organization benefits from learning how to have tough conversations while being clear and kind. When everyone is following the same framework, that’s when an organization's culture shifts. That said, if you have to focus your budget, I’d start with your leadership team since they give and receive feedback on a regular basis.
    That depends. *waves hand around at the world* Pre-pandemic Courageous Conversations was an in-person workshop, but like your business, we’ve adapted to the situation. At this time, CC is taught virtually. If you’re looking for in-person let’s chat about how and when we can make that happen.
    I’ve taught Courageous Conversations to an intimate group of 6 employees at a business spa retreat, and scaled it to serve as many as 100+ people at a time for a San Francisco start-up. During our discovery call we’ll chat about what makes most sense for your organization.
    Good news! I’ve got a great option for you. Click over to Conscious Conversations to learn about my 6-week group coaching program dedicated to educating leaders and professionals to push past their personal communication hurdles and start talking with more clarity, confidence and courage.
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