"Miovision would not have evolved into the place it is today without the impact of Natalie's cultural stewardship. Concepts like vulnerability based trust and radical candor are extremely powerful. The culture of courage Natalie helped build has provided a foundation that is allowing us to achieve great things.”

- Kurtis McBride, CEO Miovision Technologies

“Natalie is a gifted listener who always creates a safe and comfortable space so that I can share and learn about my true authentic self. With Natalie, I feel like I am chatting with a trusted friend that I have known for years. She has the masterful ability to digest what I share and translate it into valuable insight. Her energy is contagious and uses organic (& fun!) techniques/methods to invoke thoughts and discussion which have lead to many meaningful positive changes in my personal and professional life for which I am grateful. I cherish the connection we have made, and I would highly recommend Natalie as a genuine, gifted and trusted mentor!”

- Shannon H.

“Natalie is a gifted executive coach. She has the ability to get her clients to open up about the issues holding them back and the compassion and skill to help them work towards solutions. Some of her most profound lessons are around ‘perspective’ and ‘candor’. It has been a real privilege to to work with Nat.”

- Lynda C.

I've had the privilege of knowing Natalie for a few years now and I feel very lucky that our paths in life have crossed. We worked together at the same company, and she always had such a positive, energetic presence that she exuded whenever she was in the room. When I first started coaching with her, I did so because I knew she'd be someone that I'd be comfortable talking to and opening up with to try and work through some career "roadblocks", and hoped she might be able to throw out some ideas on how to overcome them. What I got was so much more. Her passion and love of helping others has been integral in allowing me to start seeing my true self and what I have to offer those around me in both my professional and personal life. She worked with me to identify the tools that have allowed me to reach a level of consciousness that lets me to see things from a different perspective. The implementation of these tools has enabled me to grow, release fear and find a confidence that I hadn't had for many years. She is truly an amazing person; someone I'm proud to call my friend and an all around incredible coach!

- Lisa W.