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The results speak for themselves...


Natalie and I worked very closely together at Knix for about 5 months before she took time off for her maternity leave. As the Director, Coaching and Leadership Development, Natalie was brought in the company at a time of immense growth! Leading the "embedded coaching" program, Natalie was in charge of providing leadership focus sessions with our Directors so they could develop and grow into strong leaders for our future. She spent considerable time focus coaching, building trust, mediating issues and celebrating learning.

If you are a huge fan of Brene Brown's teachings, Natalie was a pro in that arena! She had a brilliant way of drawing people in, listening to their concerns and devising ways to resolve recurring issues through growth, no matter how uncomfortable. Natalie is a people lover and she really listens to what you have to say. She has a huge fan base at Knix!

There were many coaching moments that Natalie and I shared and I'm grateful that I could learn some lessons from her as well. I think her greatest strength is in her ability to make people feel welcome and never judged. Her positive energy and her yearning to make people better is one of her superpowers. If you've never experienced coaching before, you should definitely have a conversation with Natalie because she will customize a program that will work for you. Natalie always used to say, "Trust is my currency" and she stands by that!

 3rdThird degree connection

Christine SongChristine Song


As someone who has completed Natalie Dumond's The Worthy Project, I cannot recommend it enough to anyone seeking personal growth and transformation. The program is truly life-changing, and I have experienced great success in applying what I learned to my life.

The Worthy Project taught me how to cultivate a deep sense of self-love and worthiness, something that I had struggled with for years. Through Natalie's guidance, I was able to identify and release negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I learned how to reframe my thoughts and beliefs, and approach life with a positive mindset.

The program also helped me to develop a greater sense of inner peace and resilience. I learned mindfulness techniques that have allowed me to be more present and centered in my daily life, even in the midst of stress and chaos. This has been invaluable in helping me to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and grace.

Since completing The Worthy Project, I have seen significant improvements in all areas of my life. I feel more confident and empowered, and my relationships have improved as well. I am able to set boundaries and communicate my needs effectively, which has led to deeper connections with others. I have also experienced greater success in my career, as I am now able to approach challenges with a growth mindset and a sense of purpose.

Overall, I cannot recommend The Worthy Project enough to anyone seeking personal growth and transformation. Natalie's guidance and expertise are truly invaluable, and the program has been a game-changer for me. If you are looking to cultivate greater self-love, worthiness, and inner peace, I highly encourage you to consider The Worthy Project or any of the programs Natalie offers.

Kim RigdenKim Rigden


Natalie is great at "reading the room" and adapts to her audience in any given moment. Through this, she manages a very delicate blend of holding everyone accountable by asking the difficult prompting questions, while also ensuring that she hold space for people to explore and discover their answers to those challenging questions. Natalie also navigates these conversations and the training content with conviction, passion, empathy, and collaboration, giving you the understanding that she is exploring the content beside you and with you instead of standing in front of you to deliver a simple reiteration of content she has delivered many times. Working with Natalie has been a great experience and I would encourage anyone and everyone to consider working with Natalie as well. I am certainly looking forward to working with and using her programs in future.

Kourtney HughesKourtney Hughes


Our leadership team participated in a full day Courageous Conversations training with Natalie. She brought fantastic knowledge, insights, stories, and energy to this session. Our team felt comfortable opening up (being vulnerable!) and everyone left with a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. We continue to have ongoing discussions surrounding how to transfer this knowledge and implement our learnings with the rest of our team. We even took our learning into a 2-day strategic session with our team where we were able to create a safe space for vulnerable and courageous discussions. I would highly recommend Natalie for all things Dare-to-Lead as she has already made a positive impact on us as individuals, leaders, and team mates! We look forward to continue working and learning from Natalie. Thank you!

Nicolette Gowan


Natalie is a thoughtful and educated facilitator, that engaged our leadership team in a 3 day journey that was career changing. Our team has a new way of interacting with each other, speaking a common language, and is beginning to develop a shared culture of trust and vulnerability. All a result of Natalie's dynamic teaching style, and content. All of our team felt at ease and quickly developed an open relationship throughout the workshop, which allowed for deeper understanding of the content. 

I highly recommend Natalie for leadership coaching and workshop facilitation. I know that my leadership evolution and competency has taken a huge step forward, and I attribute this to my 3 day journey with her.

Trish Mintz 

We were very fortunate to have Natalie provide her Courageous Conversations training to our entire leadership team. Natalie is an engaging presenter who provides invaluable insights, research, practical examples and a space to share ideas. She is able to help anyone and everyone become better leaders.
Amy Penner

When Brene Brown writes about you in 'Dare to Lead,' you know you're dealing with someone special. However, even after having those lofty expectations, Natalie exceeded them. She recently spoke to our executive leadership team and was amazing! Her speech on the 'Drama Triangle' was so timely and hit home with our group. Natalie is an outstanding speaker and inspirator! I highly recommend Natalie Dumond!

Tim Dumas


Natalie is an incredibly talented coach. She was extremely helpful in developing my thought process on how to manage my personal and career situations. She is super perceptive and helped me to be grounded in myself, to identify my unique strengths and how to bring them to the forefront. I could not recommend Natalie more!

Ha Nguyen


When I started to learn about Natalie and her approach to conscious and courageous leadership I became instantly engaged and eager to learn as much as possible from her. 
After having an initial one on one conversation with Natalie and learning about her Worthy Project, I was left with such profound learnings and a deep understanding of what I had buried for so long. 
I am beyond grateful to have been able to work with Natalie one on one and spend time learning and exploring who I am today and the power of acknowledging my worth and loving myself. Natalie showed me true authentic compassion and understanding while still challenging my growth. Natalie was able to assist in bringing me clarity in so many aspects of my life that had existed in the dark for so long. 
Since finding her on Instagram and having that initial one on one chat I have been telling anyone who will listen how incredible Natalie is and how she has made a lifelong impact on me. 
I can confidently sit in my seat and be proud of who I am and I owe Natalie so much for helping me find this part of me.

Tiffany Young


I had the pleasure of working with Natalie as a leadership coach, and she has been a wonderful guide and a great listener! I came to her as I was feeling anxious about a lot of areas in my life especially as an entrepreneur. Also I was anxious in my relationships and my communication style and overwhelmed with running a team. I wanted to get grounded with myself in order to step into leadership; voice my truth and be a person who has difficult conversations. Natalie has helped me connect to this side of myself and get clarity as a leader. I feel like I'm a better leader for my community/ relationships/ business/ life and that I can make choices and communicate them authentically and kindly without fear. No more avoiding conversations and leaving elephants-in-the-room haha! Natalie has been so supportive in this journey to making it possible. Highly recommend Natalie to others, especially if you are a woman who wants to be gracefully fearless to go after everything you want.

Yara Kamal


I started working one on one with Natalie after navigating some personal and professional changes in my life. I wasn't entirely sure at the time what I expected to get out of it but, with a strong recommendation and following an initial consultation, I was sure I wanted her along for my ride. The time I spent with Natalie was a complete game changer! We covered so much ground during our bi-weekly sessions and at the end of my journey I've been able to change the conversation in my head, have never felt more bold and empowered in my life and have received the clarity I was searching for by uncovering my true passions that I am now actively exploring. She's a force to be reckoned with and a bad ass woman who will always have my highest recommendation.

Whitney Susanna


We cannot thank Natalie enough for facilitating such an honest and vulnerable training session for our team! Recognising the skill set of our clinicians, Natalie found innovative ways to flesh out our existing knowledge while imparting so much new wisdom on what it means to partake in courageous conversations.

As a facilitator, Natalie was warm, relatable, and charismatic. Her ability to offer up personal examples from her own life allowed us to engage with the information and reflect on the ways that these skills will serve us in both our personal and professional roles. 

The Courageous Conversations workshop exceeded our expectations in every way. The structure and delivery of the program allowed for active participation and thoughtful team dialogue. Whether you’re a mental health profession, involved in human relations, or a budding entrepreneur, we highly recommend investing in this course!

Dajana Beckman


Natalie is an engaging, empowering and empathetic facilitator and leader. Her ability to engage our leadership team virtually, and inspire us to unlock the potential we all have to be courageous leaders was so well facilitated. I highly recommend Natalie.

Avery Brohman, 


Working with Natalie is something I am grateful for in 2020. She helped me find my voice, guided me to name my values and provided the support to find my confidence professionally and personally. I am now a louder, more confident person who is taking up the space I deserve. Thank you Natalie!

Maria Dyce, 


Natalie has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside in my team! I have learnt a lot in my time spent with her! I have loved her leadership and authenticity in the way she shows up un-apologetically, teaching how to truly be yourself and succeed in your career! She is a natural born leader and knows how to hold space with love, compassion and leadership. I would highly recommend Natalie!

Casey Warwick


Natalie has a way of speaking right into your soul. She has a precision that gets right to the heart of the matter and builds immediate trust with her ability to be direct and humorous at the same time. Her style of using clever words like 'badassery' would jolt me out of my story, make me laugh and effectively stop the cycle of thinking that was holding me back. She brings a natural curiosity and experienced guidance to every session. I grew in sustainable ways, thanks to her coaching and guidance.

Jennifer A. 


If you are questioning your worth or value, I cannot recommend Natalie's Worthy Project enough. Through her coaching, she has given me the tools and resources to help me move forward in my career and personal life. Our coaching sessions were personal, tough and eye opening. She digs deep. The value that I've received from Natalie's coaching has changed me to believe that I am worthy - it will for you too.

Elizabeth McFarlane 

"Miovision would not have evolved into the place it is today without the impact of Natalie's cultural stewardship. Concepts like vulnerability based trust and radical candor are extremely powerful. The culture of courage Natalie helped build has provided a foundation that is allowing us to achieve great things.”

- Kurtis McBride, CEO Miovision Technologies

“Natalie is a gifted listener who always creates a safe and comfortable space so that I can share and learn about my true authentic self. With Natalie, I feel like I am chatting with a trusted friend that I have known for years. She has the masterful ability to digest what I share and translate it into valuable insight. Her energy is contagious and uses organic (& fun!) techniques/methods to invoke thoughts and discussion which have lead to many meaningful positive changes in my personal and professional life for which I am grateful. I cherish the connection we have made, and I would highly recommend Natalie as a genuine, gifted and trusted mentor!”

- Shannon H.

“Natalie is a gifted executive coach. She has the ability to get her clients to open up about the issues holding them back and the compassion and skill to help them work towards solutions. Some of her most profound lessons are around ‘perspective’ and ‘candor’. It has been a real privilege to to work with Nat.”

- Lynda C.

I've had the privilege of knowing Natalie for a few years now and I feel very lucky that our paths in life have crossed. We worked together at the same company, and she always had such a positive, energetic presence that she exuded whenever she was in the room. When I first started coaching with her, I did so because I knew she'd be someone that I'd be comfortable talking to and opening up with to try and work through some career "roadblocks", and hoped she might be able to throw out some ideas on how to overcome them. What I got was so much more. Her passion and love of helping others has been integral in allowing me to start seeing my true self and what I have to offer those around me in both my professional and personal life. She worked with me to identify the tools that have allowed me to reach a level of consciousness that lets me to see things from a different perspective. The implementation of these tools has enabled me to grow, release fear and find a confidence that I hadn't had for many years. She is truly an amazing person; someone I'm proud to call my friend and an all around incredible coach!

- Lisa W.

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