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Founder, The Worthy Project, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and hypewomen dedicated to helping women and leaders stand in the highest versions of themselves.

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Do you ever feel like quitting? Quitting the 9-5, quitting all the things that don't make you feel fulfilled, or good, or impactful? Do you ever feel like going after something you're passionate about and making that your full-time job? That's how I felt when I decided to pursue my dream job in 2019.


I left my 15+ year corporate HR career to pursue my passion for coaching, teaching and speaking and I've never looked back!


Today I'm a certified coach, facilitator, speaking, and entrepreneur coaching others on how they can do the same. Through leadership, clarity, confidence, and courage individuals get to see and feel what is possible with their big amazing life! Coaching women how to bust through their limiting beliefs, find their voice and boundaries, and step confidently into their purpose and power! It's a dream job one I feel called to do.

I've had the honor of being trained by world-renowned Researcher Dr. Brene Brown and have had my work on creating feedback cultures included in Dr. Brene Brown's best-selling book, Dare To Lead. I've also had the privilege of being trained by the best coaches in the world through the Co-Active Coaching program along with receiving one on one coaching by powerful and insightful master coaches, Preston Smiles and Zion Kim.

Now through my signature group coaching program, The Worthy Project, and my corporate workshop, Courageous Conversations I get to share what I'm passionate about daily helping individuals make real change within their own big amazing lives!

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"If you are questioning your worth or value, I cannot recommend Natalie's Worthy Project enough. Through her coaching, she has given me the tools and resources to help me move forward in my career and personal life. Our coaching sessions were personal, tough, and eye-opening. She digs deep.


The value that I've received from Natalie's coaching has changed me to believe that I am worthy - it will for you too."

~Elizabeth McFarlane, Senior HR Leader

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