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A Workshop showing people how to be
clear and kind
at the exact same time


If everyone in your team or organization could have meaningful, direct, and honest conversations? Would your team or organization improve, become stronger, and achieve results faster?


If you could tell someone exactly what you think, and stop walking around with the "I should have said this" bouncing around your head?


If you could develop deeper connections with people by being kind yet candid, not only earning their respect but also their trust?

The Courageous Conversation workshop shows you how this is all possible!  

Meeting Room

This virtual or in-person workshop will have individuals re-evaluating how to communicate, listen, and lean into feedback!


In this workshop, individuals learn the tools, framework, and practice truly saying it like it is. To be candid with not only their peers and leaders but also with everyone in their lives. 

When individuals learn and practice the skills to talk to each other directly it helps foster connection, trust, authenticity,  honesty, and clarity.  Creating better collaboration, higher functioning teams, and

stronger relationships both inside outside the workplace.


  • Why being candid is so uncomfortable yet desired

  • What makes hard conversations critical to a company's success and bottom line

  • When to give feedback in both criticism and praise

  • How to use the right conversation starters when being direct and honest

  • How to deal with emotions when they show up during a conversation

  • How to use a framework that will set anyone up for success with hard conversations


This workshop is for organizations and individuals who want to learn the art of hard conversations, to develop the skills of being clear, direct but also kind.


This workshop is for any organization that wants to develop teams and individuals into a high functioning culture of collaboration and trust and clarity. Being clear and kind is a teachable skill that creates a sustainable impact on both individuals and in organizations. This workshop is a must for any team and organization looking to thrive.



"Thank you so much for taking the time to come and teach us yesterday at EY. I enjoyed your presentation and have to say it was one of the most useful training sessions I have been a part of in a long time. I look forward to reading the book and learning more." 


—  Erica Tari, Manager E&Y

Let's connect to find out how you can bring Courageous Conversation into your organization and build a culture of clear is kind.

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