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Bringing my passion and story on leadership, trust, and self-worth

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Talking, Sharing, Learning

So much to share...

It's a privilege to be invited into teams and organizations and share my take on areas like building trust, courageous cultures, and better emotional literacy. 

Here are a few topics I share with teams and organizations

Webinar: Daring Leadership - Where is Leadership Headed and Why

Leaders are being called to lead in a brave new way to help build more courageous cultures. Cultures that cultivate, innovation, risk-taking, honest and open conversations, trust-building, and resiliency.


During this webinar, participants will come to understand how courageous leadership is not only high in demand but can be taught, measured, and observed.  This presentation will touch on progressive research from Dr. Bréné Brown and how to incorporate the new insights, tools, and confidence in participants' experiences in all aspects of their lives.

This talk will share the power vulnerability plays in impactful leadership, what it looks like when done well, and how it strengthens teams and builds greater connection.

Webinar: Building a Cohesive Team - Today and on the other side of the pandemic

Today teams are being tested now more than ever to navigate these unprecedented times. As a result, they required stronger leadership, that are connected, consistent, and more human. 


There are two critical skills that leaders need to continually use with their teams to help them move forward and create more cohesion. The skills of vulnerability and building trust are needed now more than ever from leaders. 


Focusing on vulnerability and trust as a leader will help them earn credibility and gratitude and truly illustrate that you are taking care of the people that work with you.


This talk will share what vulnerability looks like and how it can become a superpower rather than something to avoid. And how trust is built and maintained and how it is foundational to creating strong decision making, commitments, accountability, and results.


If leaders and teams are looking to create more cohesion today and after the pandemic, this is a talk they will want to get in on.


Webinar: Comparative Suffering

We all have ways in which we are managing and coping with how to provide emotional support to others and ourselves through a global pandemic. And unfortunately, comparison is one of those ways.


Challenging times can bring a lot of emotions to the surface for so many and one of the ways we will manage and "gain perspective" around those emotions is by comparing and at times stack ranking emotions trying to gain or give a better understanding. However, this comparison and ranking of emotions and experiences are damaging and hinder the healing and support that is required now more than ever. 


This talk will explain why and what we can do to better emotionally support ourselves and others through these unprecedented times. These insights and practical tips will not only serve you today but also when you re-enter the workplace and will require a stronger foundation of emotional literacy for yourself and others.



Contact me to learn more! I'd love to connect with you!

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