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A coaching program dedicated to helping women stand in the highest versions of who they are.
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What is

The Worthy Project Group Coaching Program?

Focused on women stepping into their big amazing lives!

This program dedicated to uplifting women in leadership positions and aspiring female leaders, looking to grow their leadership skills, self-confidence, self-compassion, and clarity towards what’s possible within their lives and careers.


TWP is a program dedicated to women who know they want more and are playing it safe, and at times small, holding them back from stepping into the highest version of themselves. These women know they are worthy for more.

This program is for you if

  • You want more confidence in your abilities as a leader

  • You want to stop feeling like an impostor as a leader

  • You feel unsure of how to use your voice, speak up and say what you mean

  • You want to have boundaries and feel confident behind your decisions

  • You are unsure of your personal values, goals, and purpose

  • You suffer from perfectionism

  • You worry about other's judgment

  • You are ready to stop operating from a place of fear and move into a place of authenticity and power

  • You want to have boundaries and feel confident behind your decisions

    This program is for brave women who are ready to take their careers and lives to the next level!

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What you takeaway

  • A deeper understanding of your purpose, goals, and clarity of who you are and the life you want to live!

  • An understanding of your limiting beliefs and how to navigate and remove them

  • Leadership skills that will create more confidence in your abilities, building stronger connections with those you lead

  • Confidence in how to speak up and use the power of your voice in any situation

  • Become highly skilled in empathy and self - compassion

  • Develop skills in how to build trust within yourself and with others

  • Be able to set clear boundaries and make empowered choices for yourself

  • Stand in authenticity and choose progress over perfectionism

  • Power and confidence to be vulnerable and courageous with your decisions and actions

  • To not fear judgement from others and stand firmly and confidently in who you are and love it!

  • Move beyond any self-doubt and step into the life you've always wanted!


The Worthy Project uses a framework that follows three stages to help clients create more clarity, confidence, and courage towards the life and career they have dreamt of living.


Each stage offers powerful insights, reflections, and a path forward into the client's past, present, and future by using the W.O.R.T.H method and processes that get results.

The W.O.R.T.H Method

The W.O.R.T.H method touches each stage and segment of The Worthy Project program, ensuring that clients are having Whole-hearted, Open, Reflections with Tenderness, and Honesty towards their yesterday, today, and tomorrow leading clients to more clarity, confidence, and courage towards the life they have always desired to be living.




This step builds self-awareness, knowledge, and confidence around internal narratives, because how we talk to ourselves matters. Exploring how our internal narrative makes us play safe and small blocking us from stepping into our greatness as leaders and individuals. When we own our story and our past we can own the gifts of it.

The step of owning yesterday teaches clients how to break free from the narrative that doesn't serve us anymore and refocus us on all that's possible.




This step is about getting clarity, present and self-aware of the gap between the current situation within our abilities, life, and careers and how to step more powerfully into leadership and the life they want to be living and thriving in.

This step identifies what’s possible in their abilities, passions, gifts, and identifies where they want to lead and drive their lives forward.

This step also gives individuals the tools and insights on how to own their voice both as individuals and leaders. Along with how to cultivate trust within themselves and others. And how to own failure understanding how to rise after a challenge, setback, or misstep.



This step focuses on accountability and how to set new boundaries, habits, goals, and mindsets to develop leadership abilities and move into the life and career they have dreamed about. This step ensures that each individual walks away with the right tools, frameworks, and mindset so they can courageously own their future.

A Lead Her Ship program dedicated to guiding women to step into the highest version of herself

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