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As a certified professional coach I am dedicated to helping individuals and leaders connect to their authenticity and purpose  creating positive impact not only within themselves but also in the world around them. 

Coaching Builds Strong Leaders and Impactful Cultures 

Organizations that promote, reward and build authenticity within their leaders foster better results 

Research is showing that inauthentic individuals and leaders:

  • tend to be 20 percent less productive 

  • experience higher rates of burnout

  • breech the trust that is essential in strong cultures 

  • create less diversity of thought, meaning less innovation

Individuals and leaders that encourage and practice authenticity in the workplace :

  • create a more supportive, productive culture

  • become more engaged and willing to take risks

  • channel their energy into innovation

  • bringing diversity of thought opening up possibilities 

Coaching will guide leaders and individuals to step into their authentic selves in turn help to re-humanize the workplace, creating impactful business results.

Who we are is how we lead.

Who is coaching for?


Coaching explores where you are today and illuminates the possibilities that seemed impossible before 



By providing a safe and powerful space you will discover the answers you need in order to move forward professionally and personally with purpose, intentionality, clarity, and authenticity.


What you can expect

Six steps:

  • Understanding your story - this process allows you to reflect on the areas that resonated giving you insights on what brought you success, connection, and aliveness

  • Partnering with your inner critic - this step explores the narrative that you create that no longer serves you. Digging into those limiting beliefs allows you the knowledge on how to change that narrative

  • Purpose & Values - provides you with an internal set of guidelines to help direct you towards the life you long to be living

  • Vision - Once you are aware of your successes, inner critic, life purpose and personal values, we bring it all together to help create a vision of what your life could be

  • Action planning - you will create short and long term actions in all areas of your life that truly resonates with the life that you want.

  • Follow up - there will be a follow up to bring forward accountability and forward movement



Within each session, we will discuss topics meaningful and impactful to you to help you move forward. We will co-create accountabilities that resonate with you while also challenging you to stretch into your full potential and all the amazing possibilities.


Leadership coaching will instill confidence and equip leaders with the knowledge, principles, and techniques for responding to any leadership situation with fluidity and flexibility guiding them as they step into the leaders they meant to be.


What to expect

Six steps:

  • Identify - the strengths with your unique leadership style. This will be done using DiSC profiling, exploring individual core values and getting more in touch with individual core purposes

  • Explore - abilities to respond to any leadership situation creatively

  • Discover-powers of coaching as a skill by cultivating different coaching techniques 

  • Radical candor - leading with the mindset that clear is kind

  • Call to Courage - learn to lead from a place of courage and authenticity by building trust and connection while inspiring others to do the same

  • Action Planning - Create a plan for the next steps in your leadership development  leading from a place of intention


Ready to bring out the authentic leader within?

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