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Why Work With Me

If I were to go back and ask my younger self if I thought I’d be running a successful coaching and facilitation business and loving it before I was 40 I wouldn't have believed it.

It's funny how we can doubt ourselves and what’s possible within our lives, isn’t it?

I had my first individual coaching experience in high school as class president. Students would stop by the student council office wanting to talk and I would love every minute of it! Witnessing others and offering what I could to help shift their perspective was an intoxicating experience and I knew I wanted more!

I carried a torch for coaching and teaching others into university and later into each organization I worked at in my 15 years within the HR industry. Every time someone would come to the office and say ‘Hey Nat, do you have time to talk?’ I would eagerly say YES!

Coaching leaders, new hires, and colleagues never felt like work, it was a privilege. Something I was honored to do.

Seriously, listening and seeing individuals and all that’s possible within their big, beautiful life is a career fantasy! To be able to coach 1 on 1 and run workshops helping people stand in their own power, and say what they want to say is a dream come true!


Helping others see that communication doesn't have to be something to avoid but something to help you move forward bringing more clarity, more confidence and more courage, is incredibly rewarding!


I've been fascinated with communication and helping others deepen their skills in that area. Showing others that we can choose to be clear and kind at the exact same time.

If you're curious about what’s possible to shift your leadership style and level up your communication skills let's connect and see what's possible

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