Why Work With Me

Helping to inspire others to come alive by living authentically and unapologetically is something I am passionate about not only for myself but also in showing both individuals and leaders how they too can do the same.

Owning our stories and who we are can be hard and extremely vulnerable, but what I've come to know is that if we don't we are constantly hustling for our worthiness, which keeps us playing it small, and we were never meant to play it small. 


When it comes to our personal and professional lives so many are hustling for worthiness, to be seen, valued, and understood for who they are,  with a mental narrative on a loop saying you aren't enough.


 When you work with me I'll guide you through my signature process to show you how unapologetically amazing you are!

Passion is a word I hear often when people describe me and I bring that energy to everything I do. Whether I am helping you go after the life and dreams you were always meant to be living or showing organizations and leaders that there is a different way to lead, work and connect together, I bring enthusiasm, boldness, and kindness with me every time.

Where do I focus?

Today, as a certified coach and facilitator focusing on two areas. One on one and group coaching, through The Worthy Project program holding space as individuals explore all that is possible within themselves.  Along with my team workshops through the Courageous Conversations program, I work in partnership with leaders and teams helping build their capacity for courage, candor, connection, and trust. Who wouldn't want that in their workplace?


Through creating a safe space for share experiences and expression in how they want to show up both in their life and in how they lead,  I help my clients create new ways to live and lead.

What's my background?

Through 15 years of experience in human resources, organizational development, and employee and leader coaching in the tech start-up and manufacturing industries I was inspired to create my own coaching and facilitation practice to create more impact and meaning in the world. The inspiration came from a passion to help individuals live the lives they've always wanted to be living and to humanize the workplace.


Along with my coaching credentials through the International Coaching Federation, I hold a BA (Hons) in sociology degree in Human Resources and certification through Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ program, helping bring her research to leaders and workplaces across North America.

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