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Brene Brown's latest best seller: A must read for any leader or individual looking for a different way to show up and connect in the workplace

It's crazy to see how quickly time is going. It's been close to a month now since I was gearing up to head down to San Antonio, Texas to learn from the wholehearted researcher, herself Brene Brown. To say I was excited to be accepted into this training programs would have been an understatement.

After being featured in her latest book, Dare to Lead, I had the unique opportunity to become a facilitator in the Dare to Lead work. Meaning I would be able to teach other leaders, and teams her research. I jumped at the chance to learn how to educate individuals on Brene's impactful work. For me her work has been life changing and I know it would mean the same for others not only personally but also professionally.

I remember counting down the days to March 27th with so much anticipation, as I knew that day and the two days to follow would be life changing and they were! On the morning of the 27th I was sitting in my gorgeous room on the third of Hotel Contessa on the river walk overwhelmed and nervous to go downstairs. I had a bit of the impostor syndrome happening that morning and I was going through every "what if" possible. What if I can't keep up, what if I don't make any connections and no one likes me, what if I meet Brene what do I say, what if she asks me a question in front of everyone, do I know the material enough? I sat there going through the scenarios questioning if I was good enough to be there. Isnt' that what happens to so many of us. Feeling like we don't measure up, always wondering what others will think. This is something I vow to continue to work on, cause it really keeps me small and hidden, the exact opposite of what I wanted to do while in San Antonio.

After a good back and forth with my itty bitty shitty committee, I headed to the training and found out I would be just fine. Not only was I fine I surrounded by best of the best when it came to facilitators from all around the world in all different industries. There was representation from the United States Air Force, principles and teachers, learning and development teams from Warner Brothers, Nike and Google, authors, health care leaders and lots of corporate facilitators like me. I was surrounded and steeped in greatness, and I couldn't wait to absorb it.

The next two and half days Brene personally walked us through her work teaching us her research through, storytelling, song (yes song!) and deep and meaningfully conversations. We discussed vulnerability, shame, empathy, trust, authenticity and had one of the most impactful wholehearted discussions I have ever experienced on race. The training taught us again and again how each of these show up not only in our personal lives but also within the workplace. And its time for us to show up differently in how we work, lead and connect with each other.

My biggest take away over my time with Brene was this work although incredibly impactful and meaningful, was realizing how challenging it will be. The bravery required to facilitate it should not be forgotten. Facilitating these conversations we are afraid to have or triggering emotions that some do not want to feel will not be an easy arena to stand in. So I left the training feeling privileged to have been taught by Brene, honoured, dedicated and passionate to be teaching this work. Yet challenged by the heaviness and importance of the conversations that I not only will be apart of but initiating. However I also left the training knowing its exactly the arena I am suppose to be in.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dare to Lead workshop contact me.

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