Conscious Conversations

A 6-Week Incubator
Where Business Leaders Build Their Courage & Skills
To Transform Their Communication Style

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Hey business leaders!
Here’s an important question for you

How would your team be different if your
communication style was your
superpower rather than your challenge?

If that question made you pause and think, “I want that kind of superpower!”, you’re not alone.

In the surveys I give out following my workshops, 100s of leaders across North America have told me they’re looking to improve their communication skills so they can provide better leadership.

That’s because they recognize when honest conversations are your strength, your team is more likely to…

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Walk away from difficult conversations feeling the outcome is mutually beneficial and achievable
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Be engaged in the workplace and actively sharing their skills with others
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Achieve results because they’re part of a team dynamic where talking about the tough stuff is welcomed

...and more than likely you’ll feel better knowing it’s possible to be a great leader and a good human.

“Natalie taught us the importance of self-awareness and compassion in leadership, and the art of having hard conversations. Natalie empowered us to be more courageous leaders and gave us actionable steps to bring this theory to life in our everyday and professional lives.“

Executive Recruitment Consultant, Artemis Canada

Leigh Farlow

Conscious Conversations is designed
specifically for professionals seeking the following...

  • Deeper confidence in your communication abilities as a leader
  • Effective strategies for delivering and receiving honest feedback
  • An answer to what’s really holding you back from meaningful communication at work
  • Empathy to navigate those emotional, hard conversations
  • A way to move past perfectionism, and judgement
  • Move from dictating to coaching next steps for your team members
  • The knowledge you’re operating from a place of power with your communication

If you found yourself saying, “Yes, I want that too!” to any of the above, then keep reading.

You’re Invited To Join

Conscious Conversations

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A 6-week group coaching program dedicated to educating leaders and professionals to go deeper into how they communicate at work with more clarity, confidence and courage.

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As a participant in Conscious Conversations, you’ll get...

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Six weekly online lessons

to go deeper into how you communicate at work, and learn the skills to communicate at the level you want.

Six weekly 90-minute calls

that include time to start applying what you learn. This is your opportunity to get clarity on what you’re learning, and put skills into practice with laser coaching from Natalie.

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What makes Conscious Conversations different from other leadership programs?

Professionals complete Conscious Conversations with more consciousness, clarity, confidence and courage to communicate with at work and in life.

Or more simply put, leaders become better communicators as we move through the three stages of becoming a Courageous and Conscious Communicator.

Each stage offers powerful insights, reflections and a path forward to help participants navigate any conversation.

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Stage One


By the end of Week 2, you’ll...

  • Identify your value system, so you know exactly how your boundaries and relationships show up in your communications
  • Learn how to swap unhelpful patterns and roles for a healthier style of communication
  • Uncover and heal limiting beliefs, triggers, and shame narratives that influence the way you’re communicating and relating to others
  • Recognize the power of vulnerability, and how leaders who are looking to tap into their superpowers lean into the hard conversations even at the risk of emotional exposure
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Stage Two


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By the end of Week 4, you’ll...

  • Learn why empathy is the antidote to shame, and how being empathic and understanding is a communication strength
  • Understand how judgement is destructive to a team and the workplace, and how to move past judgemental thoughts
  • Strengthen your ability to trust yourself and others, and know how to rebuild trust when it feels like it’s lost at work in or any relationship
  • Practice how to forgive and move past any resentment, grudges, and beliefs you’ve been holding onto towards yourself and others
  • Know how to apologize and take accountability, like an expert, without defensiveness, blame, or judgement

Stage Three


By the end of Week 6, you’ll...

  • Understand why curiosity is a superpower skill, and how to use it to handle any conversation
  • Feel resilient knowing how to move forward after a hard conversation, even when it didn’t end with your desired outcome
  • Practice giving praise and celebrating accomplishments out loud
  • Create an action plan to commit to being a conscious communicator going forward, at work and in life
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Learn a better way to communicate

Conscious Conversations is currently taking applications
for our June 2021 cohort


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Hi, I’m Natalie.

I’m known for helping leaders and teams build their capacity for courage, candor, vulnerability, trust and authenticity in the workplace.

As a former HR Professional in a fast-paced start-up workplace, I developed a unique feedback framework that led to me contributing to Brene Brown’s NY Times best-selling book, Dare To Lead. Read by millions worldwide, jump to page 205 if you want to check it out yourself.

Today I work as a professional leadership coach, speaker, and certified Dare To Lead facilitator.

Using my coaching credentials and over 15 years of corporate experience, I show organizations and leaders there is a different way to lead, one that fosters improved business outcomes and better communication.

What got me here...

The results speak for themselves...

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“It is an ultimatum to the gut-busting, havoc-wreaking habits of deferring the emotional and difficult conversations.“

Accountant, Victoria Hospital Foundations

Morito Ota

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“Natalie led us through examples and practical work, so I was able to strengthen my skills to enable me to provide more effective feedback and to work on radical candor.“

Assistant Vice President, Loss Control, Farm Mutual Re.

Randy Drysdale

If you recognize it’s time to transform your
leadership style, then let’s talk

But first, I’m a truth teller, so you need to know this

Conscious Conversations is not for everyone. But if you’ve realized it’s time to build better relationships with your direct reports (and in your life), you owe it to your career development to learn more.

The application process helps me to ensure all participants are well-suited to the program. If you’re interested, fill out the form

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