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Discover Your Feedback Persona To
Confidently Handle Tough Conversations
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Pop in your Airpods for a mini-training on how to shift your persona so you get better at giving and receiving feedback!

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Conscious Conversations

A 6-Week Incubator
Where Business Leaders Build Their Courage & Skills
To Transform Their Communication Style

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Inside this free mini-workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Three destructive personas people fall into when delivering and receiving feedback, and the role they play in tough conversations
  • How each persona approaches feedback,so you know how to recognize this communication style in yourself (and others)
  • Tips to help you shift to a more productive persona, and how this change will improve your feedback conversations

Understanding how you’re currently communicating during feedback conversations is the first step to recognizing what you can do to improve your feedback style.

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Hi, I’m Natalie.

Professional leadership coach. Speaker.
Certified Dare To Lead facilitator.

I’m known for helping leaders and teams build their capacity for courage, candor, vulnerability, trust and authenticity in the workplace.

As a former HR Professional in a fast-paced start-up workplace, I developed a unique feedback framework that led to me contributing to Brene Brown’s book, Dare To Lead.

Using my coaching credentials and over 15 years of corporate experience, I'm here to guide you towards becoming a leader who knows that becoming better at feedback begins with self-awareness.

Get Better At Giving And Receiving Feedback

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